Introducing A Revolutionary Way To Travel
Join 45 adventuresome adults on a 90-day, life-changing journey. Together, you will immerse yourself in the culture, customs and history of 3 of the most vibrant countries in the world.
Abroad We Go is a live-abroad program that eliminates the stress and barriers to living and traveling abroad. Come live abroad like you've always dreamed, where in these life-changing months you will immerse yourself in the culture, customs and history of the world's most vibrant regions.

Discover Ancient Cultures

How It Works
We understand that living and traveling abroad for an extended length of time requires a huge amount of planning. It requires expertise, insider knowledge and foreign language fluency. Abroad We Go takes care of the travel, accommodations and planning to eliminate the difficulty of living abroad. No apartment hunting required. No long-term foreign leases. No utilities to hook up. No furniture, dishware or cookware to purchase. We have already thought of everything.
When you arrive at your destination, your apartment is ready for you, with everything hooked up and-fully stocked. Now you can do what you came to do, live like a local and explore for the next few weeks, until it’s time to be effortlessly transported to your next dazzling city, 3 in all, over your 90-day life-changing journey. 

It's our mission to make living abroad and the travel involved 100% stress free. We invest in your experience with weekly meet-ups, our own local concierge and our own Abroad We Go community.
What's Included?
Your travel will be seamless, as we handle all the planning and logistics of traveling from one country to the next. You are only responsible for getting to and from your first destination.

We provide all air travel between destinations, so you can have a worry-free travel experience. Spend less time planning and more time exploring. 
We provide all accommodations in all 3 countries in private 1-bedroom or studio, fully furnished apartments. Each apartment comes complete with a bathroom, small kitchen and all utilities included. 

Your living space includes the comforts of home, and we take care of all the little things, from linens and cooking utensils to hairdryers and dishware. We choose clean and safe housing in centrally located, culturally relevant locations, so that you can live like a local.
You will have your own personal concierge, who will make the transition to your new city easy and effortless. They will be there to assist with day-to-day needs, like where to find a doctor, how to sign up for a yoga class, get tips on local restaurants, learn where the locals shop, or assist with planning excursions within the country itself.
Each week, Abroad We Go hosts at least one event for the group. Whether it’s a welcome dinner or an intellectually charged happy hour, each event gives you the opportunity to find out about what’s going on around town, connect with other travelers for an excursion or just make new friends.
Whether you're looking for travel partners, friends to enjoy dinner with or just relax with, you'll find that in our community. Our groups of travelers are compromised of 45 or less, like-minded adults with common interests.

Take In The Scenery

Departing  April 2018
45 Adults
3 Countries
3 Months
Magnificent Mediterranean
Italy, Spain, Greece

Live Where The Locals Live

Magnificent Mediterranean
90-Days Total Cost: $9,995
Per person based on double occupancy
Single occupancy $13,995

$2,995 deposit to secure your spot
Balance due March 16, 2018

Learn A New Language

What Comes Next?
Step 1
Review the website, prepare your list of questions, concerns or anything you're unclear about. Then schedule a call, send us an email or send us a message.
Step 2
Talk to us. We want to share all the details about the program, answer your questions and help you determine if this type of travel style is for you.
Step 3
Pay your one-time program fee. Now all that's left to do is pack your bags and prepare for the journey of your life! Schedule a call below!
About Us
Ross Lonsdorf, Founder of Abroad We Go
I have been an intrepid traveler for the last 35 years, organizing and curating custom travel itineraries for nearly as long. I love exotic locations, people, culture, and food. I have an affinity for taking the road less traveled. 

I often venture into areas where gift shop guidebooks won’t advise you to go and where many starch-collared travel guides may not lead. I’m glad to be able to share my passion, insights and love for travel through Abroad We Go.
Our Philosophy
Abroad We Go believes it is important to peel back layers of the cultural onion to reveal nuances and secrets that were seemingly easy to miss at first glance. Travel should push you outside your comfort zone, force to you to befriend strangers, and entice you to venture off the beaten path.

We consider ourselves responsible travelers, which means traveling in a way that is culturally, environmentally, and economically conscious. Wherever possible, we try and give back to the local community. You will be accompanied by our local group concierge who will share their knowledge with you to promote greater cultural understanding. You will have the opportunity to meet locals, experience traditional customs and gain regional knowledge, thus contributing to your overall experience.

Every Journey delivers extraordinary experiences, immersive cultural contact, and adventure! Come abroad with us and open your mind, heart, and soul to the vastly diverse world that surrounds you!
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